Arsip | 2:46 pm

Laughing In The Dark

3 Sep

“You love someone.
You marry someone else.
The one you marry becomes your wife or husband.
And the one you loved becomes the password of ur mail ID.”

“There’s only one perfect child in the world and every mother has it.
There’s only one perfect wife in the world and every neighbour has it.”

“If someone says you are ugly, it’s OK. If someone says you are stupid, it’s OK. If someone says you are a genius, slap him/her as tight as you can and say, “There is a limit of kidding and they are now crossing the limit.”

“Three dreams of a man:
– To be as handsome as his mother thinks.
– To be as rich as his child believes.
– To have as many women as his wife suspects…”

“Husband and wife are like liver and kidney. Husband is liver and wife kidney.
If liver fails, kidney fails. If kidney fails, liver manages with other kidney.” – source

– – – – –

It’s a joke. It was supposed to be funny. Or somehat funny.. 😛
I did laugh a bit upon reading it. Weakly.. 😛 But it did managed to be a satiric joke, if that is what is intended. This is the kind of humour that is frequently found, but never failed to amazed you. Few part of life is coloured in black. And the dark things can be laughed at too.

And my e-mail password is not that person.. :-“