The Better Dad(tm)

29 Nov

Caution: The post you’re about to read consists of simulated life, the writer’s high narcism, rambling notes, and a nonsense pseudo-common-sense-based theory which do not have anything to support 😛

My wife made a good Mum. A very reliable one. If my kids have problems, they’ll go looking for their Mum for advice. I made a good Dad. A practical one. If my kids have problems, they’ll go looking for me, to poke me, to complain, and to do them some stuffs.

My kids told me a few times that I am a good Dad. But what made a person a good parent? Is it availibility? Is it compassion? Is it cooperativeness?

If I remembered some of the comments my friends told me when we’re all just a kid, most of them wants more freedom from their parents. I’m tolerant. Very tolerant. Is that why I made a better Dad, kids?

My brother gave my daughter a lecture on Relationship101 this evening. Cute as it is, but it’s still a subject the kids refuse to hear from any adults. My daughter and brother looked cute together. They had this odd father-daughter thing that made me felt like a spectator while the two appeared on the same room. A very amusing show indeed. Tya should seen this, we’ll have a hell of a laugh.

I told my daughter, what if my brother is her Dad, instead of me? “Duh, kalo aku jadi anaknya Abang, nanti aku dicengin Abang terus. Dicurhatin. Terus, dicubitin. Terus, nanti aku ngga dapet pacar gara-gara pada takut sama Abang..,” begitu kata anak saya 😀

Sounds like a typical Dad, eh? Yes, sounds like stripped from an Indonesian cigarette ads.. :-”

But since the idea had been refused, I’m still the Dad. Kids prefer flexible parents. The idea of having a grumpy old grandpa as a Dad might have scared my daughter. I, on he other hand, enjoy being a parent without too many rules (rules are a set of dynamic agreements, which depends on the communication between the parties involved, in order to try to reach a win-win solution, at least for me). So, I made the better Dad *narsis*, .. but only for the kids ;))

My parents are not strict. I reflect what they had as a policy in parenting. Being too loose on your kids might will cause them harm. But being too strict can be fatal too. My wife  and I practices loose parenting, and we have two weird kids. But there’s difference in taking care of what’s yours and what’s really yours. On a real event, I might will become a strict Dad. There was a research that says, those who are raised with more freedom, sometimes became more strict as a parent, because they have seen the real danger of being an uncautious parents. It’s probably true. But on the other hand, we can’t really tell.

On my case, the kids made their parents. We don’t. Afterall, how can I be strict to my cute teens? 😀 *cubit-cubit anaknya*


17 Tanggapan to “The Better Dad(tm)”

  1. Ireth Kamis, November 30, 2006 pada 1:10 am #

    Are you sure you’re not typo? 😕
    And why is my name there? :”>
    Wait…… and why didn’t you aliased my name? –“

  2. Setiawan Kamis, November 30, 2006 pada 5:11 am #

    Oh, I made a lot of typos. Relax. But I’m writing this, half-drowsing. I couldn’t care less about typos and grammars :-“

  3. herda Kamis, November 30, 2006 pada 8:51 am #

    duh, ada versi indonesianya ga? waktu sayah tidak banyak utuk mentranslit dipikiran T-T

    Tapi kamuh memang papikuwh yang paling keren kok *peluk-peluk* aih .. sayang sekali udah ga bisa curhat malem-malem ..

    *main pasir sendirian dipojokan*

  4. Ireth Kamis, November 30, 2006 pada 10:22 am #

    Main pasir di pojokan(TM), Herda.. jangan lupa 😛

    When you said that I should see something, it was about Herda and Tony and you being the spectator, rite? Bcos I kinda confused with your sentence ^^;

  5. Setiawan Kamis, November 30, 2006 pada 10:52 am #

    No, baby.. It’s Lily and my brother. Xixixixi ;))

    My other daughter already got a Mum that also functioned as a Dad, which is my wife 😛

  6. herda Kamis, November 30, 2006 pada 11:57 am #

    Iyah, sayah tahu kok kalo papi ngomongin Lily. Lagian emangnya ga boleh bilang kalo papi sayah keren yah ^^; yasudaaah …

    Iya, iya, iya, kasih aja TMnya.

  7. Setiawan Jumat, Desember 1, 2006 pada 6:17 am #

    Aih.. 😛 *peluk-peluk Herda*

  8. Lily Jumat, Desember 1, 2006 pada 6:25 am #

    Aih, sayah dibawa-bawa.
    SMS sayah dicatut.
    Wakakak… Yasudahlah…biarkan saja.
    Iya, papi keren deh :-“.
    Eh, ga jadi, tadi di conf bilang sayah mau diserahkan ke abang?

  9. Setiawan Jumat, Desember 1, 2006 pada 6:27 am #


  10. Setiawan Jumat, Desember 1, 2006 pada 6:29 am #

    *nontonin anak dan kakaknya saling ngecengin* BUWAHAHAHAH… Keluarga yang aneh :-”

    Gimana kalo dialog mereka saya post disini? Ayo, ayo, fote dongs :-“

  11. Lily Jumat, Desember 1, 2006 pada 6:34 am #

    Ga boleh…
    Berarti pundungnya jadi ah :-“

  12. jelajahdunia Sabtu, Desember 2, 2006 pada 11:10 pm #

    Maaf nih.. salam kenal aja
    Mas mbak udah pernah denger ??
    jika belum, yuk kunjungi sekarang juga….

    ooh ya… silahkan kalau berkenan menambahkan link tersebut pada situs ini ( dan lainnya ). Terima Kasih Banyak. semoga kami menjadi referensi yang menyenangkan bagi anda

  13. tony Selasa, Desember 5, 2006 pada 7:51 am #

    *cubit2 lily*

  14. Setiawan Selasa, Desember 5, 2006 pada 11:08 am #

    *gigitin Abang* Jangan dicubitin terus, nanti anak sayah pundung, trus saya diamuk-amuk. Arghhh.. *getok-getok Abang*

  15. Lily Rabu, Desember 6, 2006 pada 8:54 am #

    Udah terlanjur pundung :-“

  16. tony Kamis, Desember 7, 2006 pada 4:14 am #

    kalo pundung harus dicubit2 :-“

  17. Lily Jumat, Desember 8, 2006 pada 4:34 am #

    Kalo dicubit-cunit tambah pundung :-“

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