An Open Letter to My iPod

20 Jan

While surfin’ around the Craig List, I found this amusing piece of post =))


Dear Ipod:

After spending a few weeks with you, I am beginng to fear you think I am a gay man. (of course, not that there’s anything wrong with that)

I recognize that there are several up tempo dance songs on my playlist, along with a few Madonna and Britney Spears tracks. However, I am curious why whenever I choose the shuffle mode, you select these songs and these songs only to play. I like Madonna, I do… I just don’t need 10 consecutive hours of her. And yes, the Pet Shop Boys are fun, but I don’t really want to hear “West End Girls” on a 30 minute loop.

The first time I thought it was just a coincidence, but lately I have been wondering if perhaps you think I spend my entire day singing and dancing like some flamboyant queen or like Ellen on that ridiculous American Express commercial. (Again, not there’s anything wrong with that)… ummmm, because I really don’t dance and sing that much, and sometimes just like to listen to a depressing song about suicide.

Anyway, if there is any chance you could include a little Wilco or Arcade Fire, next time you choose the mix, I would be very appreciate.


-Your Listener

Huh, I thought it only happened to me =)) No, I’m not gay, if that’s what you’re thinkin’ :-”

One thing I realized since I got my iPod back, is that it ALWAYS shuffles romantic/love/the typical girl-songs, something my sister would love, but I despise. Euh, no, I don’t really despise it, but I DO find it rather depressing to listen to these “Because you love me/have I told you lately that I love you/every breath you take I’ll be watching you/fly me to the moon”-stuff – -;; As if the iPod doesn’t realize that it also contains safer music for me, like Aerosmith, Cranberries, Foo Fighters, Muse, or U2 *sigh*

And it’s not a news to tell that lately I have been having terrible mood shifts due to this-n-that. I don’t mean to blame my playlist, but I think it does takes part in making my mood gloomier. It wouldn’t kill me to hear emos now, but I’ll probably be dead if I hear Allison Krall sings now -whoever that one is, sorry Maam, you have great voice, I don’t hate you, I just hate the song you’re singin’. Please, don’t get inspired to sing me those songs now, I know some people would do so just to entertain themself.. :-w *prepare pitchfork*

So, I’ve had the worst mood swing last night. See, lookit my post earlier on. Terrible eh, Sarge? πŸ˜› And rather than curling up, playing the usual shuffling playlist and curse myself to sleep, in turns, I made a list of ‘healthy’ songs. Playing it loud. Drinking cammomile tea. Stay up till morning.

The mood’s been better, but I’m back in the game.

Good, now I have a scape goat. Mood swings? I’m gonna blame my iPod >:D *gets bricked by His Steevieness*

So, RJ’s, I have an open letter for you now:

Dear iPod,

After living together with you for a few weeks, I begin to fear that you have mistaken me for my sister (of course, it’s completely understandable, since she’s only living next door).

In these past few days, I finally realized that you always put some mellow songs, teamed up with sappy lyrics in my playlist. It’s bad enough to hear it in the day, but the frequency increased by night time. You probably think I would enjoy it as a change in my music listening habbit (you know I like changes now and then) but to be brutally honest, this time I don’t. Your predecessors had done wonderful job with the playlist, I know you’re new, so you gotta adjust yourself to me first, but if that’s really the case, please, speed up the adaptation process, will ya? If you’re looking for the person who would love your song mix, she could be found next door. But since I own you, I want you to play MY music instead. I have loads of U2 on my PC, we’ll get to that later.

And, uh, Jamie Cullum and John Mayer is okay. More mellow than that, I’ll give you to my brother. Now, you don’t want an early visit to the Apple Support Center don’t you? *winks-winks*


Your listener.

Thanks, Weezer, for lightin’ up my morning and pushin’ me to write this letter πŸ˜€

Screw this crap, I’ve had it!
I ain’t no Mr. Cool
I’m a pig, I’m a dog
So excuse me if I drool
I ain’t gonna hurt nobody
Ain’t gonna cause a scene
Just need to admit
That I want sugar in my tea
Hear me (hear me) I want sugar in my tea!
(WEEZER – The Good Life)

*image of “iPod nano” by Daniel Diaz

5 Tanggapan to “An Open Letter to My iPod”

  1. tony Senin, Januari 22, 2007 pada 2:49 am #

    ha? dituker lagi iPodnya? :-/
    kalo gak mau didenger, jangan disimpan, gampang kan? bikin aja playlist sendiri, kasi judul sesuai mood, misalnya: happy20-joy2, sad n depressed, teatime, midnight, morning rush, suicidal tendencies, feeling gay (not me, of course.. :-“), ets., etc.

  2. Setiawan Senin, Januari 22, 2007 pada 6:43 am #

    You know, the letter actually WORKED! =)) The iPod is increasingly tuning into MY songs =)) Weird as it is, but it’s what’s been happening in the last two days =))

    Who? You? Gay? You’re gay now??? Damn, now we really need that professional help πŸ˜• Divine intervention is even better.. πŸ˜• But I think I’ll enjoy it if you really turned gay. Afterall, gay is girl’s best friend, y’know.. :-“

  3. h.a.n.s Senin, Januari 22, 2007 pada 2:28 pm #


  4. mBu Kamis, Januari 25, 2007 pada 7:24 am #

    not gay. just.. ‘HOMOK’..?

  5. S Setiawan Rabu, Januari 31, 2007 pada 4:00 pm #

    Homok? Mbu, jangan bikin confession disini duongs.. :-“

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