I’m In Love With Tony Stark

12 Mei

And so far I have watched the movie three times. But I’m not yet stopping. 😀

See, I’m not much of an Iron Man fan, but apparently, as till today, I consider Jon Favreau‘s installment of the genius-billionaire-womanizer tin man my most favorite superhero movie.

Many considered Iron Man is Marvel’s answer for DC’s Batman, and the director himself said that he is inspired by the way Bruce Wayne was portrayed in Batman Begins. I think both movies are quite similar. But, while Nolan takes it on the darker tone (which very much suits Bruce Wayne’s character and past), Favreau takes the audience on a ride of a “fun-vee” that not only hi-tech, but very entertaining also.

The Robert-Downey-Jr-factor was something I don’t anticipated. Afterall, the idea of having Bob playing a role as a superhero have raised many eyebrows. Yes, I am surprised on how Bob could light the entire movie (evenso, I have absolutely no doubt on Bob’s performance as a fine actor). He is, indeed, the arch-reactor of this movie. Without Bob, the movie might only have a small chance of survival on the scoreboard.

If you haven’t seen the movie, I suggest you should try to. It’s a mix of Transformer-Robocop-Batman Begins type of movie. I’m confident that most people will find the movie great (it was rated 8.3 in IMDB, and 92% fresh in RT, so far), or at least if you’re dissapointed, you’ll still find it adequate. Me? I love the movie, and after 30 minutes I only have one thing to say:

I’m in love with Tony Stark.

7 Tanggapan to “I’m In Love With Tony Stark”

  1. elmogran Senin, Mei 12, 2008 pada 10:48 am #


  2. Imansyahâ„¢ Senin, Mei 12, 2008 pada 3:21 pm #

    -THAT- tony?
    minta lamar donk!

    *menunggu makan-makan*

  3. chiank Selasa, Mei 13, 2008 pada 1:46 am #

    sepertinya ada pesan terselubung

    *menangkap derau*

  4. Pak Set Selasa, Mei 13, 2008 pada 8:09 am #

    Ntar, gw traktir MAKAN-MAKAN kalo gw udah bisa ngedate sama Downey, hwakakaka.. *ditimpuks*

    *cemplungin Chiank ke panci mie bersama Wesly*

  5. Trinie Lupin Jumat, Mei 16, 2008 pada 2:14 pm #

    Uhuy…. *wink-wink*

    Nunggu undangan…

  6. dian ina Senin, Mei 19, 2008 pada 3:54 am #

    *menangkap derau*

  7. elmogran Rabu, Mei 21, 2008 pada 1:30 pm #

    udah ngaku aja buSet. Ini maksudnya minta dilamar si Tony yah?

    *ngumpet dalam sumur*

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